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Customer Engagement

Are you an Alliance Homes customer who wants to make a difference for your community and shape our services?  Do you have ideas and opinions that you want to share? If it's a 'Yes!' to all those questions, then why not join us as a Customer Engagement Representative?

Customer Engagement Representatives are supported by Alliance Homes colleagues to look at specific issues and consider ways to help with continual service improvement.    

What would you like to get involved in?

You can decide what you want to be involved, it could be consultations, focus groups, projects, or reading paperwork and providing written or verbal feedback which we will use to shape what we do. 

What topics do Customer Engagement Representatives help advise on?

  • Complaints handling
  • How homes are marketed and let
  • Property standards
  • Our policies
  • Community investment and grant distribution
  • Support and volunteering

What do Customer Engagement Representatives get out of it?

  • Opinions heard - Get your ideas heard in detail
  • Satisfaction - Knowing your involvement has made a difference 

How does it help Alliance Homes?

  • Build an in-depth method of listening to our customers
  • Honest feedback helps us improve our processes
  • We gain the confidence that our services work for customers by asking the opinions of those who use them

To become a Customer Engagement Representatives you will need to fit certain requirements including being an Alliance Homes customer.  We also ask that you are willing to agree to certain behaviours, one of these are our AGAME values.

So if you're interested in joining or if you'd just like to find out more, send an email to and our Customer Engagement Coordinator will be in touch with you.  

Please note that you must be an Alliance Homes customer to join up.