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Seeking a financial advisor

Before you are able to submit your online application form you are required to undertake a financial assessment to ensure you are able to sustain the costs of home ownership. We have a financial advisor who we work closely with and is able to undertake this assessment on your behalf. Alternatively, if you have your own financial advisor you are familiar with, you can make your own arrangements with them to undertake this assessment. Below details the steps required to use Alliance’s financial advisors followed by the steps to take when using your own financial advisor to complete the financial assessment:

  1. Visit and click ‘apply now’
  2. The Mortgage People (TMP) will review the information you have provided in the questionnaire and will contact you by telephone to discuss your questionnaire or request additional documents
  3. TMP will undertake a financial assessment on your behalf and send you a copy. As part of the financial assessment you will also be required to complete a budget planner which TMP will complete with you
  4. Should you wish to speak directly with TMP to discuss your assessment with them, please contact 08707 669 388 or email Should you not require a mortgage to fund your purchase, you're still required to undertake this financial assessment.

If you wish to use your own financial advisor, please provide them with details of the property in full. You will need your financial advisor to complete:

  1. Homes England Help to Buy Shared Ownership Calculator showing the maximum share you can afford to buy in the property you are applying for. (Download from here)
  2. A Budget Planner showing your monthly disposable income (please use our budget planner template that can be downloaded here).  
  3. A Financial Assessment Confirmation Statement which can be downloaded from here

As part of the application process you will need to upload a copy of your completed Homes England Affordability Calculator, Budget Planner and Mortgage Agreement in Principal before you start your application.